Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Have You Heard of Lisa Lavie -- I'm sure you will!

I was bored one late night this past weekend and so was surfing youtube and stumbled upon some amazing musicians that have yet to be labeled, discovered, etc....but one that I am sure will need no introduction soon is Lisa Lavie -- have you all heard her voice? I love her music, she has an album coming out in May on itunes - I believe it was produced by the same person who works with Mariah Carey. Anyway, Lisa's voice is so unique and I just love it! One of her songs got like 1.5 million hits in about 3 days and youtube suspended her account because they thought she was a bot. She has a cute video on youtube about that, I thought it was funny...anyway, here is a couple links to her. I am looking forward to hearing her on the radio.

My fav song by her: